The Baltimore City Pipe Band was formed in 1966 by Jim Quigg. The original members consisted of his students, several former members of the MacKenzie Scots Pipe Band, and other local pipers, with Jim being the Pipe Major. The band was given permission to use the name “The Baltimore City Pipe Band” by Mayor Theodore R. McKeldin. The Mayor also provided some funding to help the band purchase equipment and uniforms.

Over the years the band has had many different members and several Pipe Majors: Jim Quigg, Bill McIntyre, Bob Michael, Tommy Travers, Ed McFarland, the current Pipe Major Emeritus; and Megan Amoss, the current Pipe Major. The position of Drum Major is currently vacant but in the past has been held by Ron Fonshill and Stan Curtiss.

The band has several uniform combinations with the full dress consisting of the Red Scott tartan and a royal blue tunic. The contrasting colors of this combination provide an impressive and distinctive look. The band’s emblem, designed by Tommy Travers, is the Baltimore Battle Monument encircled with the band’s name and thistles, all superimposed on the St. Andrews Cross.

Today the band is a non-competing band made of private individuals dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of Scottish Bagpipe music. The band performs at a variety of events to include parades, dances, charitable and social functions, and community festivals in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

A Story from the Band's Past

Wayne Francis

“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” was Rod Stewart's major hit in 1978, everywhere I went I heard the song. I was in the Baltimore City Pipe Band at the time, learning their band tunes and having fun. Rod Stewart is Scottish and very proud of his heritage. Mr Stewart was scheduled to perform in Baltimore and arrangements were made by his people to have the band open the show! In exchange we were given free admission to the concert. Talk about a win-win, and so when the date came around, into the Civic Center we marched.

The band performed outstanding, marching up and down. We performed in a circle and then two pipers stole the show, they had worked out the settings of “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” on the bagpipe! I remember hearing a lot of clapping as those gathered, recognized that song.

We left the field and found our way to our seats, as we were sitting down a piper by the name of John, said “before this night's over I am going to be on that stage”! I thought it was the “beer” talking as we settled down for an outstanding show.

Rod Stewart came out and sung hit after hit, and I knew every one of them. I was surprised how many songs, one after another I knew. His performance was fun, no standing in one place, he was all over the stage. At one time someone in the side wing would feed him soccer balls and he would lightly kick them to all points in the crowd.

I sensed the end of the show was coming up so I availed myself to the facilities to beat the rush at the end.

I returned to my seat, and there up on the stage is the entire band! Pipers and Drummers dancing their hearts out as Rod continued to sing amongst all of them. What a night, the band members still tell the new pipers and drummers about the time they opened for Rod Stewart to this day.